JMA Internet Solutions?

JMA Internet Solutions has a Belgian and a Spanish division.
With over 20 years of experience we feel confident that we can deliver guaranteed results that exceed your expectations while remaining cost effective.

What do we do?

We deliver hardware and software and at home services and we provide internet connections.

  • Hardware: everything that has to do with internet connections, network, ...
  • Software: in 'plain language' websites and everything that can be used over the Internet.
  • Services: IT support services (network setup/maintenance, PC configurations, hardware installation, ...)
  • Internet access: fast internet connections in Lanzarote. Please contact us if you need fast internet at your location. We might be able to help you!


Any type of software that you know and / or use is possible to use via the Internet.
Indeed, in the very near future all software will most likely be located on the Internet. Apple and Google are two examples of companies that are already offer their software over the Internet. Online software offers a lot of advantages. You do not need to install new or update software on your own computer. The most recent programs are always on the web servers. Because you do not need to install more software on your hard drive, you can buy a less expensive computer. You can also work with any PC from any location with your own programs and data: website update, invoice program, stock consulting, management software, etc ...